Just in time to ….. review your contractual obligations

Manage your contractual obligations as an on-going process, this will enable you to switch faster in serious economic circumstances. Paralegal Flex Support can organize quickly a dedicated overview of your contract obligations.

It’s now the perfect time to:

  • review your contract obligations;
  • to amend your contract;
  • to forecast your financial obligations for next year;
  • review the vendor performances;
  • discuss the need of a certain contract;
  • organize a better deal;
  • draft timely a termination letter.

Many contracts have a termination period of one or two months before year-end. Thereafter many contracts will have an automatic renewal for one or more years for instance. As a result of an automatic renewal your financial obligations towards the contract will proceed. Cooperate with Paralegal Flex Support to get insight in your contractual obligations.

Keep your contract management on track

Contract management requires a continuous attention and more specific before year-end and before 1 July of each year. Managing your contractual obligations as part of your business process, will give you more grip on costs, awareness of redundant contracts and timely termination.

Paralegal Flex Support is your flexible specialist, keeping your contract databases up to date, implementing databases, drafting, reviewing contracts and follow up. Paralegal Flex Support is also available for managing your global corporate housekeeping.

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Paralegal Flex Support is your partner.